Today a Milestone… Tomorrow a World Record!

  • Published
  • By Liz Stoeckmann
  • Air Force Network Integration Center
Tuesday marked a huge milestone for one Air Force Network Integration Center employee. This morning, Sheila Terrando, AFNIC Knowledge Operations, donated her 100th pint lifetime donation to the American Red Cross. This is nearly 13 gallons!

Friends, co-workers, and officials spoke with and congratulated Terrando as her blood was drawn. Scott Caswell, American Red Cross chief executive officer, presented her with a 13-gallon pin. Also, Col. Michael Hornitschek, 375th Air Mobility Wing commander, took time to congratulate her on the "amazing milestone."

Col. Richard Janoso, AFNIC vice commander, recognized Terrando's milestone by presenting her a plaque on behalf of the American Red Cross for her remarkable contributions.

"Sheila clearly demonstrates a person's ability to invest energy to give back to those in need and inspire others to donate and make a difference," said Janoso.

But Terrando said this milestone is not about her. She's been donating since she was 19, when she was a student at Patricia Stevens Career College in St. Louis, Mo. "I heard there was a shortage and I wanted to make a difference."

Terrando added the most inspiring thing about donating is the need for blood; one donation saves three lives. "People do need blood. Without it, people won't survive and sometimes treatments and operations have to be postponed because of low-blood supply," she explained.

Terrando also encouraged young blood donors to be active in donating as soon as they turn 16 with parental consent because "it is a good thing and they can give the rest of their lives."

Her goal is not yet complete. Terrando said she hopes to break the world record of 315 pints of blood set by a Florida man in 2011.