AFNIC's new first sergeant provides fresh perspective

  • Published
  • By Liz Stoeckmann
  • Air Force Network Integration Center
The Air Force Network Integration Center recently welcomed a new first sergeant, Master Sgt. Anna Keck.

As the AFNIC First Sergeant, Keck serves in a special duty assignment directly for the commander and advises on all matters of AFNIC enlisted morale, welfare and conduct factors.

Keck comes to Scott AFB after being awarded her diamond from the First Sergeant Academy on May 4. Prior to that, she served as the section chief from the Services Center at the 422nd Communications Squadron, Royal Air Force, Croughton, England. While there, she was responsible for more than ten Airmen performing client-level support functions for computer, voice and personal wireless communications systems assets for more than 2,500 users on two Geographically Separated Units (GSUs). Additionally, she oversaw data collaboration between two GSUs under the 422nd Air Base Group providing communications outage updates to the United States Air Forces Europe Air Communications Control Center Communications and Information staff.

"Having a communications background allows me the opportunity to better understand the challenges the personnel are facing day to day," said Keck.

Keck originally hails from Springfield, Ill., making this assignment a natural fit for her and her family. It's a family tradition of being loyal St. Louis Cardinals fans. In her spare time, she's very active in the Harley Davidson charity rallies and intramural softball and volleyball leagues.

Keck brings fresh perspective, priorities and goals for the AFNIC team.

Keck believes in adaptive leadership, which is a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments.

"The adaptive leadership framework has helped me the most," said Keck. "It's important to understand that every situation and person is different; therefore, it's equally important to implement the right actions to achieve the task at hand."

"My first priority is to meet everyone within the AFNIC team. My second priority is to take on our awards program and bring home Team Scott base-level awards," says Keck. "AFNIC has such an important mission that impacts the entire Air Force, I'm excited to help showcase our people to the base!"

One of Keck's biggest goals is to ensure enlisted members reach their career goals. "I found that to be successful in your life and your career, it is important to set and work towards your own personal goals, otherwise you are just going through the motions," says Keck. "Becoming a First Sergeant was a goal that I established when I was a young staff sergeant stationed in Korea. To reach my goal, I received support from leadership and mentors who provided me guidance and encouragement to stay on target. I encourage everyone to do the same. However, it does not end there. When you reach a goal, go ahead and set another one because you must never stop moving forward."

Keck also challenges members to ask for feedback, sit down with their supervisors to ask what their next goal should be and what they should be striving for in their own lives.

Finally, Keck hopes to bring more awareness and understanding of the AFNIC Spouses' Group. This group directly supports the center's families and provides numerous support programs, such as deployed family programs and the spouse employment program.

"I'm amazed to be a part of this organization and have the opportunity to interact with so many talented people from all walks of life," says Keck. "I'm excited to be part of the AFNIC Advantage by providing the commander with a mission ready force which involves many things, but most importantly, taking care of the AFNIC people. I vow to be visible, accessible and approachable for the entire team."