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  • Networks locked down in self defense

    "We hit a remote desktop on a workstation," one hacker proclaims. Everybody in the room breaks into applause, like the whole issue of national security is just a game -- and it is. The event is the Annual Cyber Defense Exercise. The CDX is about helping future protectors of military networks --

  • TechnoGizmo: E-DECS/E-VALS

    What is it? E-Decs/Evals is short for Electronic Decorations and Evaluations, a Web-based application implemented under the Microsoft SharePoint framework. It 's a complete transformation of the old paper-based evaluation/decoration process, and was developed by members of the USAFE Computer Systems

  • Mobile Comm still critical

    The history of the 1st Combat Communications Squadron dates back to its activation March 1952 as the 1st Airways and Air Communications Squadron. Though Combat Communications has undergone several name changes throughout the years, the mission has always been to deploy, operate and sustain mobile

  • Computer privacy at work

    What are the rules concerning privacy and government computers, and are system administrators allowed to investigate suspected abuse? There are too many rules to discuss all of them in this forum, but one that has been very controversial within the Air Force was recently decided by the Court of

  • E-mail Privacy

    The U.S. vs. Long case (about e-mail privacy) is out, but I heard there might be a change. What's up? We talked about the Long case when it came out [see our November column]. Our position has always been that the individual's communications are generally private, and investigators should obtain a

  • Simple steps to avoid identity theft

    When Lt. Col. Michael Welsh and his wife sat down for breakfast last year in New York City, he was expecting to pay around $30. Unfortunately the eggs, toast and coffee were about to drastically go up in price ... to the tune of $6,500. "It was just a little visit to a restaurant," said Colonel

  • Combat training prepares comm for hostile environments

    Communicators from the 18th Communications Squadron here are learning the skills needed to fight the War on Terror on any front. They're training in the jungles of Okinawa at the only Department of Defense owned Jungle Warfare and Skills Training Course in the world, located at Camp Gonsalves. The

  • Technology puts Security Forces on frontlines of Installation Control

    Security systems protect our homes, and security forces protect America's bases. So, it's no surprise that communications technology and security forces have teamed to meet the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 requirements. One of the requirements is to develop a government-wide standard

  • Computer technology searches for truth

    Tech. Sgt. Jeff Barefoot has a strong presence in the courtroom.Three times he's stepped up to testify in court, and three times the defendants suddenly took a plea deal to avoid Sergeant Barefoot on the witness stand.It's not because of his imposing stature or his 20 years of military experience,

  • Chiefs panel talks about the future force

    Change, readiness and winning the War on Terrorism were the three top issues discussed during the command chiefs' forum at the 2006 Air Force Association Air and Space Conference and Technology Exposition here in September. "We must deal with changes and focus on the No. 1 priority facing us today: