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  • Warriors of the Pacific deliver information superiority

    Warriors of the Pacific understand we are a nation at war and face a ruthless enemy who seeks to rob us of our freedom and the destruction of our way of life. Today, less than 1 percent of all Americans will serve to defend the freedoms the other 99 percent enjoy. All of our military, civilians and contractors are proud to serve as part of that 1
  • From surf to sand: The deployment experience

    So, you've been selected to deploy to Southwest Asia to be the maintenance superintendent of the local comm squadron. You're not getting much information about the actual mission yet, but you run through the routine checklists on lodging, uniform requirements, dining facilities, etc. Yet between the chemical warfare training and M-16 qualification,
  • Total Force Network/Falconer/Tactical Comm/Stepping up to the plate

    TOTAL FORCE NETWORK: Communicators here are working to build a network that will increase mission effectiveness between the Hawaii Air National Guard and host active-duty comm squadrons. Up until recently, the members of the 15th Communications Squadron (active-duty) and the 154th Communications Flight (Guard) supported their own customer base.
  • Base modernizes to support new ISR/strike missions

    Last year, the squadron's plans flight here, a.k.a. "commander's hired guns," presented a case to PACAF's A6 leadership depicting the base's military growth and continuous bomber/tanker rotational presence in the hopes of receiving some manning relief. Once approved, a tasked superintendent called wanting to know what the rationale was behind his
  • Wireless networks Alaskan style

    At 570,380 square miles, Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas. That enormous area coupled with extreme environmental factors make defending this flank of North America a huge challenge. Tackling this challenge, though, are men and women who manage the Link-16 Alaska, or LAK, network. Servicemembers recently completed installation and ground
  • Comm transforms Red Flag-Alaska

    When the Air Force requested the merger of Cope Thunder and Red Flag exercies into one called Red Flag-Alaska, members of the 354th Communications Squadron were there to support the change. The Pacific Alaska Range Complex makes Eielson AFB a perfect location to support such an exercise. The range complex consists of 67,000 square miles of
  • Arctic Raptor: Providing the nation's top cover

    In the crook of Alaska's Cook Inlet, Airmen with the 3rd Communications Squadron and 3rd Wing's Integration Office are ambitiously working to provide communications capabilities for the F-22A weapon system, which is arriving two years ahead of schedule. Eventually 40 aircraft will canvas the arctic landscape of the 3rd Wing, with arrival of the
  • Information Operations Working Group provides integrated insight

    The complex use of information warfare is a key means of exploiting an adversary's weaknesses. This is done by using strategies and tools to integrate aspects of communications, the global media, and economics in ways that are as devastating to a country as historical brute force methods of attack and counterattack. That's why members of the 35th
  • Captain helps support the U.S. - Japan alliance

    It's said that one of the strongest alliances in the world is the one between the U.S. and Japan. And, helping to keep that alliance strong through communications support is Capt. Joey Cook, who teaches English and Air Force comm techniques to young Japanese officers. He's the only American stationed with them at Kumagaya Air Base, and is able to
  • Airmen demonstrate combat skills at Cope Tiger '07

    Packing bags and building pallets is second nature to Airmen of the Theater Deployable Communications element here. That's why taking a short hop to Udon Thani Air Base, Thailand, to participate in Cope Tiger '07, was just another opportunity to demonstrate their excellence. Cope Tiger is the largest joint/combined air combat exercise conducted in