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Directors of Data Automation

Note: From 1975 to 1978 the Air Staff Director of Data Automation, Brig Gen Frederick L. Maloy, 1975-1977, and Brig Gen Duncan W. Campbell, 1977-1978, resided in the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications and Computer Resources, AF/KR. Beginning in 1983 the fields of communications and data automation were merged and came under the purview of the Air Staff "Chief Communicator."

Directors of Data Automation

Director of Statistical Services (AFASC)
Col (later Brig Gen) George H. Krieger

1960 - 1961

Director of Data Systems and Statistics (AFADA)
Brig Gen Louis B. Grossmith, Jr.

1961 - 1964

Maj Gen Elbert Helton

1964 - 1965

Brig Gen William C. Pratt (not available)

1965 - 1969

Director of Data Automation (AF/ACD)
Maj Gen Frederick E. Morris, Jr.

1969 - 1971

Maj Gen Jack B. Robbins

1971 - 1975

Director of Computer Resources (AF/ACD)
Brig Gen Robert E. Chapman

1978 - 1980

Brig Gen Avon C. James

1980 - 1983